Temperature Controlled Warehousing

"We at BOML - TCW believe that everything we do as an organization is geared towards matching or exceeding customer expectations. Therefore, we have full-time quality conscious managers managing all operations within our temperature controlled operations and are constantly working directly with our clients to uncover solutions that may enhance their businesses."

BOML - TCW delivers temperature controlled logistics management for frozen, chilled and ambient products. Performing to the highest levels of accuracy and reliability whilst delivering low unit cost, our solutions help our customers improve their positions in the market.

Our reliability stems from our exceptional competencies.

Our operations are based on:

  • 100% customer orientation
  • The highest quality standards: HACCP + QIP
  • Trained and professional people
  • 24/7 year-round operational services
  • Keen understanding of customers and their businesses

Multi - Temperature / Multi – Purpose
BOML - TCW brings a range of temperature environments to accommodate the most diverse range of products.
The facility is geared to meet diverse storage requirements including ambient, chilled, and frozen products.

Dedicated Warehousing
BOML – TCW offers both short and long term dedicated warehousing services, driven by your needs.
By working with us on a dedicated basis, we act as a seamless extension of your logistics/supply chain functions.

Shared Warehousing
As a public refrigerated warehouse, BOML – TCW offers shared warehousing space. This conserves your capital, reduces operational costs, creates economies of scale, and allows you to adjust to changes in seasonal demand.