Container Freight Station

"The BOML-CFS warehousing concept is to provide timely and efficient services to all stakeholders
in trade, transport, shipping, logistics and allied services using trained manpower, efficient management, state-of-the-art cargo handling equipment, communication and IT services.

Our goal is to be the best in CFS operations and support services both nationally and internationally
using an efficient and balanced combination of manpower and technology."

The BOML Container Freight Station (CFS), is an off-dock Container Freight station / Mini Port facility located in the immediate vicinity of dockside container terminals at West Wharf Karachi Port.

The Facility is state of the art IT integrated Custom bonded freight station and warehouse service provider exporters, importers and shipping companies who require to consolidate shipments of provider for exporters, importer and shipping companies who requite to consolidate shipments for exports or to de- stuff containers for onward distribution in the case of imports. It operates on a 24 hours basis with full-fledged IT and communication infrastructure, integrated with dockside terminal operations, shipping lines and Pakistan Customs. The facility seeks to provide internationally compatible high standards of service in cargo management for exports, importers and shipping companies. The facility retains over 100,000 sq. ft. of warehouse with plinth delivery and reception.

The operations are overseen by a professional management team and experienced exclusive contractors conforming to international requirements. Emphasis is on providing customer service and efficient handling of all types of cargoes in a secure environment. The facility retains exclusive contractual arrangement with authorized transport and logistics companies for transit movement between the facility and dockside terminals. These transport services are also able to provide for inland deliveries and haulage for exports under the facility's bonded licensed arrangements with Pakistan Customs. The facility is integrated with Pakistan Revenue Automation (Pvt.) Ltd. (PRAL) and linked to the CARE system operated by the Pakistan Custom.