About Rangoonwala Group

The foundation and business activities of the Rangoonwala Group originate back to the days of the Burmese colonization in the 1800s and carries through to the independence of Pakistan.

The Rangoonwala Group of Companies in Pakistan operates tank storage terminal facilities for handling bulk liquids at Karachi Port and Port Muhammad Bin Qasim. The oil terminals store and handle petrochemicals, non-hazardous chemicals, light petroleum products, lubricants, edible oils, tallow, molasses and allied produce. The Group continues to expand this division at both Port Qasim and Karachi. The Group maintains dedicated pipelines and delivery systems from ship to shore and onwards to road trailer and rail delivery points. The Group's oil terminals division is overseen by Pakistan House International Limited.The Group is in the planning stages of expanding its operations to service the Port of Gwadar with a planned multi product bulk liquid terminal.

The group's business units are specialized operators of logistics infrastructures. With a focus on niche operations, these are units are successfully managing Container Freight Stations and Cold Chain Infrastructure and Logistics, and other specialized types of warehosuing.

The BOML-CFS facility located at the Port of Karachi was converted in 2004 into an off-dock container freight station/mini port for container consolidation and de-consolidation operations with in-house Customs posts. The company retains reinforced storage space, cargo elevators, security systems with infrastructure for ICT & IT facilities. The CFS operations are under expansion to accommodate growing containerized cargo traffic with the introduction of shelf storage systems and supporting supply chain storage operations.

The Group retains several companies for trading, distribution, manufacturing and financial activities. Forhan's (Pvt.) Limited is a Group company which is a leader in manufacturing and marketing of toothpastes, skin care creams and hair care products in Pakistan. Globla Commoddities is the group's trading aim.